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Pet Sitting Services
We currently have very limited availability for new clients.  

To see if we are available to watch your furry family
 or to be added to our new customer wait list, please contact us. 


InHome Pet Sitting Services:

Each Visit Includes

  • Love and attention to each pet
  • Fresh food and water
  • Litter box scooping
  • Administering any necessary medications
  • Bringing in mail, newspapers and packages
  • Rotating lights on and off
  • Taking out and bringing in garbage cans to and from the curb
  • Plant watering

  • Hugs and Kisses (for the pets only)
  • In general, keeping your household running as smoothly as possible while you’re away!

Prior to your initial visit, we will send you a new client packet and schedule our meet and greet to visit with you and your pets in your home.


Rates -Please call for a FREE price quote and complimentary FREE Initial Interview (Meet & Greet) with reservation.

Pet Sitting Rates & Services (effective Fall 2011)


Ask about our Specials – discounts for recurring clients and new clients.  

Referral Bonus - Current Clients - Collect a $5 Credit toward future service for Every Referral that uses our service.


Pet Sitting Rates:

$19 per visit and up (for up to 3 pets.)

Add $2 for each additional pet.


Each visit to your home includes:

Pet Care:


·   fresh food and water

·   brushing, combing, and playing with them

·   giving medications, vitamins, or other special care

·   arranging for medical treatment in case of illness

·   indoor clean up of pet messes.

Home Care:

·   bringing in the mail and newspapers

·   adjusting drapes and lights

·   watering your indoor plants

·   simple pool care such as adding chlorine

·   bring trash to curb on trash day

·   handling other minor household tasks as needed

Travel Charges - up to 8 round-trip miles included ($0.50 for each additional mile over 8). 

  • We use to look up the round-trip miles to your address from our starting point of Muegge & Country Club Roads (put in 2000 Muegge Road for a reference point).
  • Additional mileage is charged per visit, both ways, for addresses more than 4 miles from our starting point.
  • Remember to double the mileage to get the round-trip total.


How Our Service Works

When you call PetHowliday Pet Sitting Plus and schedule service, we arrange for a Free initial consultation visit to your home to:

·         meet you and your pets

·         get detailed information about caring for your pets and your home

·         answer any questions

·         get veterinary release signature

·         pick up a door key

·         complete a service agreement

This required meeting will be scheduled at least 48 hours prior to service.


Additional Services


Walking the Dog  -  The length of the walk and pace are tailored to your pet's specific needs and last between 20-30 minutes.    Dogs are always walked on-leash for their safety.  Upon request, walking can be alternated/substituted with other activities such as fly ball or Frisbee (in fenced yards only).      Depending on your work schedule, dog walks are offered between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, however, times may be adjusted due to weather conditions.     


Visits for monthly walking/potty break packages are offered Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (excluding holidays) with a minimum schedule of twice weekly walks. We are happy to walk your pet outside of this schedule at our standard pet sitting rate, $17.00 per visit.
Walking clients are invoiced once a month on the 20th with payment due the 1st of the following month.  Indoor play may be substituted for Dog walking appointments in the event of precipitation or extreme temperatures.

Times per week

Monthly rate

















Pricing is for 1 well-behaved dog over 35 lbs or up to 2 well-behaved dogs under 35 lbs.  Additional dogs over the limit will be at a rate of $5 per dog / per walk.   Dogs that must be walked separately will be billed out separately - please inquire about pricing.   Extended walks are available - contact us for package pricing.


Extended Visits -  Would you like your sitter to spend even more time with your pets?  We will be glad to extend any visit and give your pets even more love and attention – priced individually – 1 hour is only $30 and only $7.50 per 15 minutes thereafter.

Overnight Pet Sitting    -  Overnight visits are $60 per night and are from 10PM to 7AM and include special playtime. Additional visits during the day will be charged at the normal per visit rates.

Mid-day Pit Stop Visit - This is a 10 minute quickie potty break.  The regular price is reduced to $15 to help with your wallet and to help with your pups bladder.  (This service is for vacation/business travelers only.  Minimum of two regular visits per day in order to receive pit stop visit.  Clients home must be within 2 miles of pet sitter or an additional fee may apply.) Please ask us for more information.

Doggy Play Date -  For those days when you've been working extra long hours and leaving your dog home alone, make it up to her with a special session of fun and games with her pet sitter - $30 per hour (1 hour minimum for each session- additional time at only $7.50 per 15 minutes). 

Consultations    -   After the initial consultation visit, we provide follow-up consultation to discuss behavioral problems, services for new pets, a change in routine, or any other issue we can assist you with - $30 per hour, pro-rated.


Dust Bunny Service   - We will vacuum all of the floor surfaces on the entry level of your home on our last visit before your return. That means no little balls of fur or tracked in grass clippings to deal with first thing when you walk in the door – starting at $14.50


Ocean Breezes Service  - We will spray all fabric furniture surfaces and carpets in the main living areas, as well as treating the air in those areas, with an odor eliminator (such as Febreeze™) on our last visit before your return. We’ll leave your house smelling as clean and fresh as you left it…maybe even better! – starting at $7.50


French Toast Service -  Who wants to return from vacation only to have to turn right back around to go to the grocery store? With PetHowliday Pet Sitting Plus as your pet sitter, you don’t have to! We’ll pick up necessities like bread, milk and eggs while you’re away. Need more than just those few items? No problem! Just leave a list and we’ll gladly pick those up as well. We’ll provide you with a copy of the receipt and simply add the total to your final bill. Talk about convenient!   - starting at $22.50 plus cost of items purchased


Wedding PetScort  -  Getting married?  Want to have your special pet as part of your special day?  We can help.  – services priced individually.

Key Service  -  
Too busy to stop by PetHowliday’s office to pick up or drop off a set of your keys? We'll take care of it for you - $13.   Initial key pickup is included for free with initial consultation – we’d be glad to keep your key for future visits at no charge.

Emergency Key or other forget-me-nots Service
Don't call a locksmith if you lock yourself out. We'll head to the office, pick up a set of your keys, and come rescue you -   Or did you leave the iron on? (don’t remember?) – We can stop by your home check iron/stove, turn off sprinkler system, close windows, etc.  No pet care during these visits -  $20.

Pet Chaperone / Taxi Service    -  If you're stuck at the office or on vacation, we'll drop off and pick up your pet from an appointment at the vet's office, doggy day, or the groomer. -  $30 per hour plus $.35 per mile plus cost of any services or supplies.


Food and Medicine Pick Up  -   When you're in a pinch, we'll visit the pet store or vet's office to restock your animal's food or medicine.  -  $30 per hour plus $.35 per mile plus cost of any services or supplies.


Last minute reservations   -  $10 fee for less than 7 days notice.


After Hours Service -  (before 8 am or after 9 pm)  - $3 per visit


Holiday periods   -  $5 per visit (holiday periods include:  New Years Eve, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and 1 day prior to and after each holiday).  Holidays are extreme demand times, so book early.


Errands Plus  -  As our name states, we offer Plus services, so let us know what you need – for only $30 for 1st hour  plus  $7.25 each addl ¼ hr plus $.35 per mile (plus cost of items purchased) we’ll run your errands, check on a sick child, check on an elderly parent, and more!


Oops Service  -  It is anticipated that all pets having open access to your home are housebroken and well behaved.  It is acknowledged that accidents can occur and an effort will be made to rectify minor occurrences that are detected, however in the event that your pet causes an incident that requires a major cleanup you will be billed an additional charge of $7.50 per fifteen minutes of service. 




  • Initial Consultation visit for New Clients before Pet Sitting services begin.
  • Each pet must have updated vaccinations and ID tags on collar.
  • Notifying PetHowliday upon returning home


Rates and fees are subject to change without notice.


Last updated  4-23-11


Wedding “PETSCORT” Services:

We are pleased to be the first pet sitting business in the St Charles County area to offer door-to-door “petscort” service so your dog can attend your wedding! 

  • We free you, your friends, and family so everyone can fully enjoy your special day.
  • We will keep an eye on your pooch before the wedding when they aren’t needed for pictures and greeting guests.
  • We will remain during the ceremony in case your dog gets bored or distracted during the service.
  • We will return your dog to your home so you can relax and enjoy your dinner and dancing uninterrupted.

Use both our “Petscort” service and in-home pet sitting service for your honeymoon and get 10% off of both!*


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