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About us

We currently have very limited availability for new clients.  

To see if we are available to watch your furry family
 or to be added to our new customer wait list, please contact us. 


About our Owner, Founder and Pet Care Professional

Chrissy has an extensive background of raising and caring for animals. 

She has rescued over 14 animals and currently is the mom of 3 rescue labs, 1 rescue tabby cat, and a rescued chinchilla. 
She has experience caring for many different types of animals from hamsters to huskies.

Chrissy has been CPR and First Aid certified.

"When I was a little girl I have wanted to work with animals.  Especially dogs.  To this day I still have this overwhelming urge to work with animals.   After 30 years in the corporate world I knew that my real destiny and career would involve working with dogs and other animals.  That dream has come true in PetHowliday Pet Sitting Plus LLC.  Reliability, dependability, and a keen sense with animals, reassures my clients that they are not just hiring the kid next door.

It's hard to put into words the feeling that a person gets from a career working with animals.  There's an emotional high when you have the opportunity to rescue a dog and then watch him grow into part of your family.  The endorphins that one can experience by cuddling with a kitten or holding a puppy can relax then most stressed out person.  I read a quote once that said:

                                "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face" - (Ben Williams)

I have always felt a special connection to animals. Perhaps being an only child who knew that love could not only come from your family, but also your furry brothers and sisters.

I have been told on several occasions that I have a special sense or connection with animals.  And now I believe that I can share this passion and enthusiasm I have for animals with your own furry and not so furry family.  I look forward to meeting you and your pets soon."

           Thanks - Chrissy

PetHowliday Pet Sitting Plus hours are by appointment.


Service Area
We service the following zip codes:  63303, 63301, 63376, 63304.  If you do not live in this area but still need a Reliable Pet Sitter, please contact us.

We service most of St Charles County, however all rates are subject to an additional fee based on distance from starting point of approximately Hwy 70 and Zumbehl Road.    We would be happy to provide you with an price quote.

PetHowliday Pet Sitting Plus LLC
(636) 336-2748
(that's 636.336.2SIT)

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